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December 12, 2006


Richard Johnson


I hate to burst your bubble further, but I would not count on the Hon. (to use the term loosely) Greg Sorbara assisting you in any way.

When residents went to MPP - Minister Sorbara in the summer of 2004 in an effort to point out the ridiculous behaviour of Hydro One and the gross flaws in the planning and environmental assessment process that had the potential to impact our community he informed us that he was not the elected representative of the people of Aurora and he would do nothing to assist us in addressing the concerns of what came to be thousands of York Region residents (including his friends in Vaughan). His response was a total surprise to me, to say the least. I guess I need to explore further how a Sorbara election sign ended up on my lawn a few months prior to our meeting given that he was "not my elected representative."

I noted in the praise being given to Mr. Parkinson from the H1 Board of Directors who reluctantly accepted his resignation that he did a great job of managing "the bottom line" (and as a side note, apparently not just Hydro One's bottom line). Consideration for the public, the environment and the integrity of the environmental assessment process on the other hand did not appear to be a measurement worth giving much weight to when assessing Mr. Parkinbsons "key performance indicators". The "culture of entitlement" and the arrogant behaviour that Hydro One is well known for will continue unless "we the (little) people" stand up and be counted.

Thank goodness that we have the freedom of the press and the freedom of the vote in order to clear the air and unleash our periodic frustration with the status quo.

Keep up the good work Joan our job is far from done !



I have been looking for a place that has made coments about this! I find it funny how if you are rich or powerful you get special privilages! Not only does he get away with stealing money from hydro but he also is paid 3 million for it! I find this really fucking funny! He steals $45,000 keep in mind this is more then most of the working class makes in a year! then his severance package is more then most "middle class" (if there is such a thing) make in a life time! our government is so great eh!

Richard Johnson, I hate the term "little people" because there is not such as little people. It is a term religated to stupid people who do not realize their own power! If you are familiar with the Caledonia native "issue" you can see that there is no such thing as little people. you get 15 natives together and the canadian government is sucking on their... well you get the picture. There is no such thing as little people! the native dispute is a perfect dislplay of how a few people with a common problem come together and make a difference. These kinds of things do not happen in other countries. America for example has a bunch red-necks from alabama with shot guns and if someone gets out of line well they will find them selves staring at the discharging end of a rifle. In the middle-east this would not happen because all they would do is send a suicide bomber to kill the CEO's who like to steal. Other countries have a governemtn with a backbone, and people who can agree on a larg enough scale to support it!

Why are there little people in canada? because canadians are lazy slobs who bend over everytime tarquin and his band of homo brothers says, "touch your toes"! Canadians are the most spinless loosers I know and i am ashamed to have been born in this god forsaken dumb ass country!

This is not the first time that the canadians government has kissed the ass of a CEO! remember the last person who was the CEO stole and was paid even more. When will canadians learn?

I really like how the canadian government decides to pay parkinson out of our pockets for his thanks for stealing from us package then they vote themselves a 25% pay increas. While pentioners get a heafty 0.7% increase. It must be nice to vote yourself a pay rise and when it is not agreed upon to just push it through anyway. I never thouth of that. For years after I was done highschool I had jobs paying $7 an hour trying to pay off 45,000 in school loans! I never though all i had to do was vote myself a pay increase.. or even better yet I could call myself Tom Perkins and just steal it! By the time I was found I might get myself a 3 Million dollar severance package from the gas staition i worked at! HA, nice story eh!?

F*** CANADA! I fed up with these blogs of people bitching about this and that moping about saying, "i cant do anything because i'm a canadian and have no balls". Instead of bitching about it do what the natives did and block his driveway burn his vehicle, knock out his power! huh huh??? does that makes sense canadians???? does it!!??? it seemed to work for the natives why not for us too??? oh yeah the natives are say they are not canadians thats why! canadians have no balls so lets just not become canadians and maybe the peole of canada will find some balls growing between their legs!! ha! and that is why canada sucks ass!

Now I'm sure this is going to offend someone... well too bad! I have my freedom of speech... but oh wait! I'm not a minority or of non-Canadian... ness! So that means I don’t have freedom of speech that’s right! Screw Canada, the sooner it is taken over by Chinese from the west and fucking Arabs from the east the better!

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