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January 19, 2007


Richard Johnson

If your kids and grandkids know what is good for them, I trust they read your Blog !

Keep up the good fight Joan ! Someone has to.

Glenn Hubbers

Personally Joan, I don't have TV in my house. There's nothing worth watching on the tube (or flatscreen) and those are hours I'd never get back!


When I was a kid, I begged for a television in my room, and my mom laid down the law. The only rooms in the house that had a TV were the family room, and my parents room- and my mom made it clear she didn't like having the TV in her room- which is why 3 months after it was put there, it found a home in the basement.

Now, in my twenties, I like not having a TV in my room and when I eventually have kids, I don't plan on letting them have one in their room.

I think putting a television in a kids room is asking for trouble. A bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, a place where your child can study, read, pursue a hobby- not spend hours staring at a screen.


Not in kids bedroom nor in any other room!
TV is evil. It makes people really silly.
I'm not watching TV for almost 10 years (my kids too) and i'll never buy it coz i love them.

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