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June 27, 2007


Glenn Hubbers

Part of the problem, of course, is that while water supplies are running low they have still not run out. And until we hit that wall there will be reluctance to add teeth to the water law or actually charge those in violation.

It does not take my engineering degree to understand why supplies are running low.
- A growing population drawing on the same resources.
- Municipalities that do not charge for what it actually costs to bring clean water to your house.
- A society that, as a result, does not value the resource properly.
- And climate change making it worse as time goes on.

We have it far too comfortable in Canada, particularly in York Region surrounded as we are by water resources. And yet they are far to precious and precarious to squander.

We need to pay attention to personal water use, support the strengthening and the application of local laws, demand (as much as it will hurt) higher rates, and oppose any talk of bulk transport under NAFTA or the SPP talks.

Otherwise, our children will curse us for not paying attention until it was too late.


For the last two nights i have been working on Jane st north of highway 7 and every morning starting at 3-4 am sprinklers turn on on every industrial lot in the area.This is just one small area if this is happening all over york region then why doesn't someone go out and fine theses companies $ 5000 each that would be a nice profit for the region.


Why is it that the towns are not planning for the growing number of homes that they are allowing to be built each year? If the number of homes 10 years ago did not have enough water, then why are we allowing more homes to be built without increasing the amount of water coming into the towns? Why do homeowners have to let their gardens die because of poor planning by town council? If I'm paying for the water, I should be entitled to use it. I don't mind rationing it during the hot months until the situation is corrected, but York Region doesn't seem to have a plan in place to correct it at all!

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