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September 21, 2007


missed KO opportunity

Having watched the debate, I was not impressed by any of the leaders. The answers appeared all scripted and provided very little new information. The best question of the night was the question regarding potential recall legislation, which both John Tory and Howard Hampton dropped the ball on, this was an opportunity for a knock out, to prove there leadership, to support action against politicians when what they claim are broken promises, however all three leaders clearly indicated that they are against recall legislation which tells voters that they are all the same. After a horrible scripted debate, among the three I would have to give the edge to Howard Hampton, however I think Frank de Jong and the Green Party won the debate by not being invited to participate. I wonder if Frank de Jong supports recall legislation?

Glenn Hubbers

Since the television executives decided not to invite Frank de Jong to the debate, the Green Party held a debate party of their own.

You can see Frank's responses to all of the debate questions at www.gpo.ca

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