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October 01, 2007


Concerned Voter

I live in Vaughan and am wondering does anyone know where the PC candidate stands on the issues? I can't make it to the debates and I haven't seen any of her responses to questions posted by the paper. The lack of response shows a lack of concerns for the voters. With 8 days left in the campaign--where is she?

Migara Weerasinghe

To the previous post regarding the Vaughan candidate. She has been quite active since July 5 2007 in the riding of Vaughan. She has been to every festival and event during this past summer meeting people and expressing her views and the PC platform. She has also been to all the debates and candidate forums. Mr Sobara hasn't been to one summer event and as for debates, he attended the Roger's debate and chamber of commerce debate of which Mrs. Weerasinghe was the clear winner. Mrs. Weerasinghe was unable to attend the Roger's debate after notifying them in advance that the date was inconvenient as she was renewing her wedding vows after 10 yrs of marriage to myself. I can say she holds family values in high regards, something Vaughan citizens hold true to their hearts as well. Rogers chose to hold the debate on Sept 8 or 9th, prior to the official dropping of the writ, and to the convenience of liberal candidate Mr Sobara.This seems to be a typical thing with the media in Vaughan and elsewhere, Liberal deception has really made use of the right to free speech. Mrs. Weerasinghe has been going door to door, at the front of supermarkets and malls meeting constituents and delivering her message. It is unfortunate you have not had access to her. If you need further info about her and her message go to the Toronto Star candidate site, watch her on Insight on Rogers cable this week, and look for full paper ads in the Vaughan Citzen and Vaughan Weekly for this week and weekend. You can also visit her website www.teamgayani.ca.

Better yet if you want to speak to her personally or in person, visit her at 28 Roytec Rd., unit 10 in Vaughan or call her at 905-856-1419.I am sure you will have a difficult time to get similar meetings with the current incumbent. I am sure after speaking to her you will be convinced that she is the best candidate for Vaughan and your best representative at Queen's Park

T. Roberts

I too was wondering about the PC candidate. I wish Mrs. Weerasinghe had participated more in the public debates and responded to the medias questions. I wanted to get a feel for the PC candidate beyond the standard party line websites. I have been fortunate to meet and speak with the other candidates. I do liked a number of ideas putforth by the other candiates. Dispite what you say about Mr. Sorbara, I like him. I know him to be a hard working and dedicated representative for the community. I think he has represented the region and the province well.

My hope for the election is that people go out and vote. Don't let the negativity and mean spiritedness of this campaign stop you from exercising your right to vote.

Migara Weerasinghe

I am quite glad you like Mr. Sobara. Keep this in mind, with all the broken promises and mismanaged taxes from the hard working people of Vaughan, remember who signed those checks and today continues to deny much of the questions around this matter....Mr.Sobara, the second most powerful man in the province. Also, I unfortunately can't share the same love of Mr. Sobara, especially after throwing out 3 woman from his office who represent the Canadian Cancer Coalition who are fighting desperately hard for provincial healthcare to fund advanced cancer drugs. We currently fund 4 of which you must meet certain criteria to be eligible. We are also currently the 2nd last province in funding of the 24 top cancer drugs. With 25% of the province being touched by cancer I find this appalling and can't understand why anyone would support Sobara.

T. Green

The tone of the PC campaign has been very negative. Its been attack after attack with little concrete solutions being offer. Lots of vague promises and words. The last few posts hightlight this. Without getting personal (towards myself and the other parties), the PC campaign should have offered the public a reason to vote for them. Divide and conquer isn't always the best strategy.

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