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November 13, 2007



Re:E.G.Mayor lashes out

Come on Joan ,aren't you being a tad bit harsh here? Mayor Young and Councillor Johnston were ORDERED not to comment during the course of the inquiry.Too bad they couldn't muzzle Jack Hauseman.The media must consider Jack fodder for their stories he does love to talk .
Consequently,his ramblings have exacerbated the whole incident leading to the inquiry that created unnecessary great expense for all involved.
Jamie accepted the responsibility for the tree removal from day one.I would imagine he didn't want to get staff involved in this fiasco.
Why then didn't remaining council accept his admission and get on with assessing the damage and deal with it accordingly ?
A few concerns I have regarding yesterdays press releases are :

1. The inquiry report states that the Mayor and Councillor "disregarded the advice of town staff".
The Mayor's release states " No one indicated the job should be stopped".
Knowing some of the people involved I'm inclined to believe the Mayor.
2.Why isn't the public privy to Mr.Rust-D'Eye's findings?
3.Why isn't the public privy to the complete reports prepared by Bruce Tree Expert Company Ltd. and the titled "Preliminary Heritage Evaluation of the trees"?
Were there any others ?

How do we know that the author of the inquiry report just didn't pick and choose the information that he thought we should know ?
I suppose they could tell us to come on in to the Civic Centre and read them , knowing full well at the best of times few would never mind 10 days before Christmas.
Joan,we are relying on you and your peers to get these reports out.Isn't your motto "To Inform the Public"?We want to know the whole story.

These two people acted with good intentions,stupid maybe,but certainly not the "axis of evil" that those who run off at the mouth would like us to believe. It makes you wonder what their agenda is. Hmmmmmmm

Judy Laakso E.G.

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