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January 16, 2008


Tim Jones

Good Luck Joan,
Always found your columns of interest, some perhaps more than others. Your passion for politics is evident
All the best

Darryl Wolk

Congratulations Joan on a great career in journalism and all of the unique life experiences you have encountered on the job. Your reporting and opinions will be missed in Newmarket and York Region I am sure. All the best in the next phase of your life and thank you for all your years of serving the community and your readers in an objective way.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by Kapuskasing, not many people have been to the town I was born in ten hours North of Newmarket.

Mayor Margaret Black

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement and best wishes for a future filled with fun, joy and laughter.

Thank you for your many years of dedication and hard work. I will truly miss reading your blogs and detailed articles about our community.


Mayor Margaret Black

Andrew Keyes

I will miss your commentary and your wit Joan.

Enjoy your retirement and please don't be a stranger. I hope you continue to pop by and post a comment or two.

All the best,


Jean Graham

Dear Joan:
All the best to you in the future. I have been following your blogs for some time and have always looked forward to your point of view on various subjects. I am truly going to miss checking in on you.

Jean Graham

Jane Twinney

I have read your blogs and have listened to some very funny tape recordings!!
I wish you all the best and may I only get to experience some of the things you have.

Jane Twinney

Jack Hauseman

JOAN - Just wanted to wish you the very best in your retirement - now you'll be able to do what you want when you want LOLOL! Thanks for being such a great media voice in York Region! Regards, JACK HAUSEMAN


Hopefully that means you will be able to spend more time blogging!

One can dream, can't he?

An Auroran

Best of luck with whatever your future brings!

Maybe they could get Evelyn Buck's blog posted here now that you're retired. She has lots to say.

Anonymous Anonymous

its about time.


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