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March 27, 2006


Don Andrews

Re: John Slykhuis - "I'm not responsible for your children" - John is right. When you have kids you have to make a choice - stay home with them or pay for a daycare provider. Why is it expected that the government is going to help you pay for this? When I had kids I had to pay for my own daycare. And I didn't get a year off with pay from Unemployment Insurance. It wasn't easy but we had to make ends meet. So if you have kids take some responsibilty and pay your way.


I completely agree with you. If you were running for PM I would vote for you.
Keep up the good work!

Chef Genoa Tang

My question is this: What is the federal government doing in the business of child care anyway? I have two small children of my own and even I don't think this should be the responsibility of the federal government. If they can afford to give me 1200 per year, per child, they can afford provide further tax relief for everyone. After all, what kind of democracy do we have when the government's policies are so targeted at specific groups of people?

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Jim Doble

All us lefties are not bleeding
heart liberals
there is a differance


This is appalling. You liberal men would think that!!!you should be ashamed of yourselves!!
Perhaps you should pull your head out of your ass and realize what the government is paying in Maternity leave for a year is what most hardworking canadians have paid into their entire lives. And then we still get screwed by only getting half of EVERY CENT we have made for the last year. Minus taxes yet again.
I think that it would be obvious to say that all of those who have agreed with these statements, would have to be pretty well off to afford to either stay home or send their children to a daycare.

Get with the program people!! The government SHOULD ABSOLUTLY be helping. It is our devine right as a society to have the aid of our government. Period.

Andrew Keyes

Allison: "Get with the program people!! The government SHOULD ABSOLUTLY be helping. It is our devine right as a society to have the aid of our government. Period."

With all due respect Allison, where did you get this notion from? I do understand that government plays an important role in how we conduct ourselves, and for ensuring we have a just and safe society to raise our children, but where does it say ANYWHERE that government subsidized childcare is a "right"?

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If you doubt yourself, then indeed you stand on shaky ground.

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John Slykhuis



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