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June 23, 2006




Well said. The media consistently ignores the fact that multi-culturalsim is a failure. To question it's success it seems, is not PC.

Too bad this important message is hidden away in your blog.


John, this is an excellent post as is the one preceding it. The only critique I have is for this line...

***If you think this is going to be an anti-immigration rant, it isn’t. We need more immigrants. I just think we have to ensure the people who come here (and I don’t care from where)***

I personally do not think we need more immigrants. What we need is more babies from the native population. The fertility rate, thanks to many liberal social engineering policies, is low in many western nations, including Canada. If people would have more children, we would not be trolling the third world for bodies to support the current Ponzi scheme of welfare and lavish social services. I also proffer that it is this same mass influx of extremely needy immigrants that place a huge financial burden on young people to have more children.

Secondly, not all immigrants are the same. Regardless how this may sound, many new "Canadians" have no idea what it means to be Canadian of old, nor do they really care.

The rest of your post is absolutely spot on, especially the part dealing with Trudeau.

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John Slykhuis



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