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July 21, 2006



jim, you are so right in all your comments . we are so far into liberal socialist thinking, that the tax payer can afford to keep giving more, so the lazy and illegal bums can have the same standard of living that the hard working middle class have, we risk having our own children growing up with the same entitlement attitude. i am afraid alot of children will get the notion the tax payers will make sure i am fed, clothed and housed, so why struggle?it is refreshing to read a columnist that is not afraid to push the politically correct button and tell it like it is...michael


You are a Jackass and Nitwit, I guess you've never had to apply for a Canadian citizenship, it just that easy to get.

An Immigrant

You're an ignorant redneck! This country is nothing without immigrants. I guess you don't know nothing about immigration laws and the fact that people pour in millions of dollars just to get into Canada. Needless to say the millions of dollars in investments and labour. They claim taxes and bust their asses and treated with disrespect by ass holes like you. Most immigrants came/come to Canada to escape wars and terror by governments supported by the US. I guess for you it would be ok if an American, or British applied to become a Canadian and kept their existing citizenship!!!!


In response to John's Blog, no where in his writing does he make a racist remark. In the letter saying he would allow "American or British" immigrants, the slant is that he's racist, which his Blog above does not support at all. He is merely talking about dual citizenship and how certain individuals take advantage once they receive a Canadian passport, which can't be refuted. I was also astonished to learn there were 50,000 people with Canadian passports in Lebanon. Of course the government had to make plans to rescue them, hence the expense on the Canadian taxpayer. I think the answer, as John points out, is to completely revamp existing immigration laws -- I don't care who is coming here, as long as they want to be here and be a part of Canada's mosaic of culture.


In response to Stephen and "an immigrant" you obviously did not read the article thoroughly, and instead decided to spew P.C. bull. John is not condemning immigration but dual citizenship. get out your dictionary-it's a totally different issue. If you immigrate here and use our resources, you should be spending a minumim amount of time here. Case closed. If you disagree, go back to where you friggin' come from.

Steve Pavlich

In response to "an immigrant"... I was also an immigrant to Canada in the late 60s and I was glad to denounce my old citizenship from my native land to accept a Canadian citizenship and I'm thankful everyday for having made this decision. To all the people with dual citizenships, they should be given a mandate to accept one or the other.
I am elated to say I'm a proud Canadian.

Two Passports

I really do see these points as valid. Herein lies the problem with me having dual citizenship, although the likelihood of a conflict kicking off in either Britain or Australia where I would have to get help to get out I think would be unlikely. I think, sadly it is more a of an issue where people hold citizenships from politically volatile/exposed countries like Lebanon.

Two Passports

Sorry...I listed the wrong blog address. It is http://www.twopassports.blogspot.com


Much of the Middle East only knows fighting. It has been a way of life for millenia so why would Canada think that we can help resolve their problems? If there was an area of the city where gangs lived, would you consider sending in your children to help resolve the problem? Or would you consider inviting these gangs into your home? Probably not because you know that the problem would just be relocated to your home which in turn would result in risks to the well-being of your loved ones. So why are we using our precious resources to bring this disease into our country? Just like the problems with our justice system, it's time things change so that the priorities are the positive contributors to our country, the people that go out every day to contribute to Canadian society and pay taxes in hopes that they and their children will be safe and have a future worth looking forward to. The politicians are dangerously and irrisponsibly playing with the future of our children. Most Canadians are looking for a leader who has the very uncommon qualities known as integrity and common sense. I pray each day that such a person will appear so that I can put my vote behind him/her.


I have lived in Markham/Unionville since 1983. I moved to a new area of Markham just about four years ago. And I must say I can't wait to get the hell out. I'm a dog owner so I'm out there in the streets at least 3 times a day. Trying to cross the road, always using the intersections with stop signs, has become a life threatening activity. I have had so many near misses by cars failing to stop, failing to yeild or just too impatient to wait. I have been hit by a bumper, been flipped the bird, been spat at, been threatened, been cursed at and on and on. All this because a pedestian wants to cross the road on foot. I have never experienced this before and have been a dog owner all my life. I am a visible minority here where I live and many of my friends cite that as a reason. Racial hatred? Here in Markham? Maybe. Some of the motorist did call me "whitey" and "you white guys".

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John Slykhuis



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