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March 12, 2007



I saw a fireball in the sky at approximately 8pm EDT on Sunday, March 11, 2007, but it was definitely travelling from west to east in the sky, which is contrary to the description I found on your site. This fireball was observed in Avon Lake, Ohio, about 30 degrees above the horizon and approximately 340 degrees azimuth. It was a large and bright white fireball that lasted about 5 seconds and left a white smoke trail for 5+ minutes.


It's been the talk of the town in Kitchener/Waterloo area.

KW Record

570 news

Unfortunately I didn't see it.


I observed the fireball in the eastern sky at approximately 8:00 pm. I was traveling southbound in my car when I noticed what I first thought was a shooting star, but realized it was larger than any other shooting star I had ever witnessed and the shiny "star" turned to an orange fireball that appeared to be falling from outer space in the eastern sky in a south west direction then disappeared from my sight. I called 911 because I thought for a moment it might be a small plane, but a police officer observed the same thing and said it was definitely coming from outerspace. The weird thing is this is the only other place I can find any proof that it happened besides the police officer's account and mine. No one else in my small town is talking about it and there has been nothing on the news. Then I finally discover this posting on the web.
Why did so many people in Toronto witness it? It must have hit somewhere in between my state(Michigan) and Toronto, but closer to Toronto. I live on the west side of lower Michigan(Oceana County).

David Hansen

Hi. I am searching for some similar info. Like susy above I witnessed a fireball but have heard nothing at all about it. I first thought it was a shooting star, but quickly realized it was brighter and lasted about a minute or two. It appeared to originate near Venus and disappeared from my view near the horizon. From my vantage point in northern CA it appeared in the northern sky on March 29, 2007 at about 5:19 am PST. Is there anyone else that saw this and maybe knows what it may have been?

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