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September 07, 2007



woow thats amazing it really does look like an eye


Holy shit! its jebus! jeeeeeeeebus!


... Freaked out


... Freaked out


... Freaked out


... Freaked out


... Freaked out


This is just God saying to the earth that he is real. And he made the vast space for us to ponder of his wonderful power. God is God. How amazing and awsome is he, that he is willing to show us himself in such a cool way!!! God is so good. Amen to that.


Not to be anti-religious, but the image has nothing to do with an "eye of god" Its funny how the name has stuck and so many have got on the bandwagon to call it this. Check out this link:

and read the commentary


I don't believe in god. It's an amazing photograph, but it has nothing to do with god. It's just a coincidence that it looks like an eye.


How do you know God is or isn't real... This is not the actual eye of god i'm sure everyone could figure that out, but god is real and all non-believers when the day comes that you have to stand before his awsomeness will you be accepted into heaven...?


sry one more thing i've been baptized (can't spell) and i go to church every sunday so i have a good chance of getting into his house


Just because you are baptized and you go to church doesn't mean that you are a christian. The only way to get into heaven is to ask Jesus into your heart and to accept him as your true lord and savior.

Kee~ abeliever

Look for the documentary DVD "The Privledge Planet" and yu will see that there are too many co-ink-a-dinks in the make up of our universe, galaxy, & planet for anyone to think that this was not put together by intellegent design~ Just because you don;t belive in Him~ doesn't mean he isn't there~


Hey you guys,
The kingdom of God is inside of you and all around you not in mansions made of wood or stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the stone and you will find me. Are we so small minded to think that we dont have modern day miracles and signs. God is everything:) Love your Day


Not to start a religious debate (although it appears one has already been started)...But what makes ANY of you think--the GREAT ALMIGHTY ONE has a penis--or any sex organ for that matter? Wouldnt god be ABOVE sex, ethnicity--and any other human qualities?


Hilarious!!!! I think god has both...a Shenis and a Mangina!!!! After all we were made in 'his' image so I can only assume he’s an hermaphrodite?! Even if we are here by chance I think there is something much grater than us still, even if it’s not our creator....! How do we no if that being which is grater than us is good or bad? maybe its both, How do we no if that grater being is even responsible for anything that happens to or around us, or if its even conscious of our existence?!, perhaps its just a grater being existing along side us within existence but billions of us can sense that its there and choose to worship it because it is at the higher end in the chain of existence, is that right? (do monkeys worship humans?!).....I give thanks everyday to the power of all that is good (to the nature of good itself) and if what humans call God do exist in the way we all see and want him/her to then because I give thanks to good it would mean that I’m giving thanks to what the majority of us believe in (god is good). I am absolutely humbled by our existence, my consciousness and the life I have been given, what makes me ‘Me’ could have been a rock, a grain of sand, a tree or even the sun or even more mind blowing the galaxy or universe…these are all things that exist just like ‘I’ do, but I happen to be human in the life and family I have at this moment in time, so if reincarnation exist…am I great enough to be a plant the next time round? am I strong enough to be another universe or will I be a bloody frog???? I hope I’m human again!!! Thank you god, thank you to all that is good……what would it take to be the force of good itself???? You’d have to be pretty bloody strong and pure for that to be ones existence……:o)

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